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Modular furniture by Natalie Shook

One of the most unique pieces of modular furniture we’ve seen yet, Piscina’s abstract Ledoux shelving system can be effortlessly rearranged over and over again. (We first talked abut it back in our Best of ICFF 2022 post.) The “spine” of the shelving is a boxy column with grooves – inspired by French Neoclassical architect Claud Nicolas Ledoux – that holds the shelves in place. At the moment, there are ten different solid wood shelf designs that can be easily slipped into place and reconfigured on the main column whenever the urge strikes. Speaking of the column, it can be made to order at any height you wish alongside a customized selection of shelves.

Modular shelving in Brooklyn by Natalie Shook

Ledoux was designed by Cuban-American artist Natalie Shook, founder of Piscina, and developed in collaboration with her husband and architect, Wes Rozen. Piscina is a collective that sits next to the brand’s studio. Shook wanted to provide a place where designers who hold a shared dedication to quality craft and innovation could gather. Piscina represents the work of these artists and the work of other designers whose work appeals to their art and design aesthetic.

Photography by Jason LeCras.

Beall, K. (2022). Ledoux Shelving Is Modular Like You’ve Never Seen Before. Design Milk.


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