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Introduced in May of 2023, our Sierra Sconces have the unique ability to produce endless variations while maintaining continuity within a given space.


The handmade ceramic face connects to the brass plate with decorative wooden tenons. This series contains 4 forms, each mortised on 4 sides creating connection points with the potential to add additional sconces. Elegant each on their own or merge to create endless combinations.


Contact us to learn more about glaze & wood options as well as pricing. 


This year's design brings new functionality and materials with the incorporation of storage and integrated ceramic bookends and drawer pulls.


Designed by Piscina’s principal Natalie Shook, each piece is executed with Shook’s distinctly pure, minimalist approach to maximalist design. Our columns are made from solid, locally sourced and sustainably forested wood, and can be made to order at any height with any combination of shelves from our 2022 or 2023 collections.


Contact the studio for more information on wood and finishing options, for custom-designed pieces, and pricing.


Formed and carved from a single slab of clay with playful wooden feet that tenon through the base, our Piscina Magazine Holder is the perfect finishing touch to any room. 

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